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What is love?

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“When I was little, it was all I wanted to do. I wanted to be an actress and then I grew up and thought, well that’s not a real job. And it also didn’t seem possible, as I didn’t know anyone in the business. It seemed like a dream that was too big and I was too scared to try, in case the dream didn’t come true and it could no longer be my dream. If I could hold onto it as a dream and it is never touched, then it will always be there. Then I realised that not trying is the same as not getting, so I may as well try.”

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This is my favorite thing I’ve ever read about Aubrey Plaza

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Oh, he’s beautiful! And look, he’s your age!

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GRRM has written a beautiful growth process of taking a young girl you feel like you want to protect, and then watching her protect herself and grow into her own and turn into a strong woman and leader. And also, the dragons, man! I think the reason she’s such a popular character is the CGI dragons look pretty cool and the magic of them is definitely a quick way of making a character stand out. — Emilia Clarke for AwardsLine

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[5 year old me watching the parent trap] how they do that

[20 year old me watching orphan black] how they do that

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